Maxillaria tenuifolia ‘Malibu’


Very unusual variegated form of M. tenuifolia and a strongly scented orchid.

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Name: Maxillaria tenuifolia ‘Malibu’

Common name: Coconut orchid

Plant Description: Very unusual variegated form of M. tenuifolia, not often seen for sale in the UK. Variable variegation on both pseudobulbs and leaves. Climbing habit. Very easy to grow.

Pot Size (cm): 6cm

Product height (cm):  30cm

Flowering size: Yes

Flower description: Triangular red flowers spotted with yellow.

In bud/bloom: No

Temperature: Intermediate

Fragrance: Yes. Strong coconut/malibu

Method of Propagation: Division

Grower: Kevin

Plant profile:

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