Coelogyne pandurata

Coelogyne pandurata is one of a very select group of orchids with truly black markings on its lip. This is probably my favourite species in the genus. It is very underrepresented in collections, probably due to its size and its long internodes (lengths of rhizome between its pseudobulbs. Coelogyne pandurata blooms regularly every spring under my growing conditions. This species requires very bright light and it will grow beautiful lush foliage but never produce flowers if the light is not bright enough. I got it as a two pseudobulb division a few years back, but it has now graduated to a large hanging pot and is overhanging the edges of that already. It needs heavy watering and feeding while in active growth and when given this it grows quickly, often producing two sets of pseudobulbs per year. I find it easiest to use a slow release feed in granular form, applied every six months. In spring, it produces multiple arching flower spikes of up to ten apple green fragrant blooms from the centres of its new growths while they are very young, giving a spectacular show. Flowers last around a week in good condition and their ephemeral nature makes me appreciate them all the more when they appear.

Divisions of this plant will occasionally appear in the shop.

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