About us…..

An introduction to Kev’s Orchids

Kev’s Orchids is a North Warwickshire, UK based private orchid collection and online plant store with over two decades of growing experience, specializing in orchids alongside an assortment of home propagated seed or cutting grown unusual houseplants.

Among the many species of orchids available, Kev’s orchids specializes in Coelogyne and allies, Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, and a few others, and it is divisions of their own lovingly grown plants that are offered for sale here, along with a few plants from similarly passionate partner growers. Divisions will never be plentiful, but they are all home grown and some are very rarely available.

It is the aim to also be able to provide seed grown plants, both orchids and other houseplants, produced in-house from seed from our mother plants already acclimatized to living room conditions. Looking further ahead, it is also an ambition to partner with other small businesses to bring ethically sourced and fully traceable imports. These imported plants will be grown on in-house and not sold straight away so they can acclimate to conditions in the UK.

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