Anthurium scandens


Anthurium scandens An unusual climbing Anthurium species

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Name: Anthurium scandens

Common name:

Plant Description: An unusual Anthurium species that climbs, it can be grown more like a Philodendron than an Anthurium. Could also be grown in a basket. The plants I have for sale are cuttings but are already producing their own inflorescences. This plant is poisonous.

Pot Size (cm): 9cm

Product height (cm): 20cm

Flowering size: Yes

Flower description:  Short sprays with a fairly insignificant spathe and spadix that may produce white berries.

In bud/bloom: No

Temperature: Intermediate/Warm


Method of Propagation: Cuttings

Grower: Kevin

Plant profile:

Please note plants pictured are examples only

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